Avios Points London to Barbados

avios points london to newyorkBridgetown, Barbados was recently added to British Airways’ qualifying flights for Avios Points redemption. This means members are now free to (fly to Barbados) on their next holiday using their accumulated Avios Points. However, what do members need to know about making this journey using their Avios Points? Let’s find out.

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Like other qualifying routes, Executive Club members will be required to redeem a set amount of Avios Points to be eligible for a free one-way ticket between London and Barbados. At the moment, those values are fixed at 25,000 Avios Points for an Economy class ticket and 75,000 Avios Points for a First class ticket Fortunately, Executive Clubs members aren’t required to completely fund their trip using Avios Points. 12,500 points will entitle a member to a flight for 100.00 GBP. This is certainly much less than the standard ticket price!

So, where does this leave prospective members who haven’t registered for the Executive Club? To begin, the Executive Club is free of charge and new members start at the Blue membership tier. The majority of members remain at this tier because progressing through the higher tiers is not a requirement of the Executive Club. However, doing so unlocks various rewards and perks that aren’t otherwise available to lower tier members. At the highest level, Gold level members are entitled to use the Concorde Room lounge at London Heathrow Airport once they’ve redeemed 5,000 Avios Points. It is certainly worthwhile to make the most out of the higher level tiers and the associated perks they provide!

While members aren’t required to upgrade to higher tiers, it’s also recommended in order to be rewarded with higher amounts of Avios Points per flight. These bonuses begin as soon as the Bronze level where members will receive a 25% bonus in addition to the points they accumulate. It’s also recommended to fly in at least the Premium Plus cabin, where members will receive an additional 25% towards their points. Gold level members receive the highest amount of rewards. Gold members who choose to fly First class will receive a 200% bonus on their Avios Points!

Members are also free to redeem their points for hotels and rental vehicles at their destination, too. However, this information isn’t publicly available and new members must register for their Blue Membership in order to receive information related to these special offers.