Avios Points London to Los Angeles

avios points london to newyorkLos Angeles is reportedly one of the most popular destinations for British Airways customers. It makes sense that the Executive Club, which is a free to join loyalty scheme by British Airways, allows its members to (fly between London and Los Angeles using Avios Points). However, what do members need to know in order to maximize the benefit of their Avios Points when flying between these two ultra-popular destinations? Let’s find out.

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Yes, it’s certainly possible to fly between London and Los Angeles using Avios Points. Members are able to redeem 25,000 Avios Points for a one-way Economy class flight between London Heathrow and Los Angeles. For those wishing to fly in the First class cabin, this value increases to 75,000 Avios Points. Fortunately, members who have yet to accumulate these values are also able to purchase flights using both cash and their available Avios Points. For example, members are able to spend 100.00 GBP and 12,500 Avios Points for a one-way flight in Economy class to Los Angeles from London.

So, what does this mean for new members who haven’t accumulated these points? To start, new members begin their membership in the Executive Club at the “Blue Membership” level. This is the entry-level position where many members choose to stay. It’s by no means a requirement to upgrade to a higher membership tier, but doing so entitles members to rewards they wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to. For example, Gold-level members will have use of the Concorde Room lounge at London Heathrow Airport and will also be granted access into the first class lounge in Los Angeles (along with other first class lounges around the world).

New members are given simple tips to help make the most out of their new Executive Club membership. New members are advised to fly in the Premium Plus cabin wherever possible as this will automatically reward them with a 25% bonus on their existing Avios Points reward. This reward increases to a 100% bonus when members choose to fly First class. As another incentive to upgrade to higher tiers, additional percentage bonuses apply and “stack up” with existing bonuses for cabin selection. For example, a gold-level member who chooses to fly First class will receive a 200% bonus on his Avios Points reward. This could certainly entitle members to flights and rewards rather quickly!