Ba Avios Points London To Japan

avios points london to newyorkAvios Points are collected and redeemed on Executive Club rewards, which is a loyalty club run by British Airways. Club members are mostly known for their ability to fly on qualifying routes for free, but free flights are by no means the only perk that members are entitled to. So, what do new members need to know about using (Avios Points for travel between London and Japan)? Let’s find out.

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To begin, newly registered Executive Club members begin their membership at the Blue level. This is the entry-level tier and is where the majority of members remain. Progressing through the higher level tiers is by no means a requirement, but is often encouraged to unlock rewards that aren’t otherwise available to lower tier members. For example, members who have reached the highest Gold level membership will be entitled to use the Concorde Room lounge at London Heathrow Airport after redeeming 5,000 Avios Points.

So, how will members be able to use their Avios Points on their next flight to Japan? Well, it largely depends on what class they wish to travel in. A one-way ticket in Economy class will require 30,000 Avios Points. For those wishing to travel in First class, this will require 90,000 Avios Points. These values might seem like they’re a bit on the high side, but one particular perk of the Executive Club is that members are free to use their points towards discounted ticket options. 15,000 Avios Points will allow a member to fly to Tokyo in Economy Class for 120.00 GBP; a far cry from the usual ticket price!

Members are by no means required to redeem their Avios Points on flights. A variety of in-flight options are available and members may also redeem their points for vehicle rentals and hotels at their destination. However, this information is exclusively available to members, so prospective cardholders must register for a free Blue account in order to gain further insight into these perks.

In order to make the most out of a new account, new members are advised to upgrade their flights to the “Premium Plus” cabin for their qualifying flights. Doing so will reward members with a 25% Avios Points bonus. For those willing to travel in the First class cabin, their bonus will increase to 100%. Members will also receive bonuses in relation to their membership tier, too. At the highest level, gold-level members will receive a 200% Avios Points bonus when they choose to fly in the First class cabin.