BA Avios Points London to New York

avios points london to newyorkAvios Points are the currency of the British Airways Executive Club. They’re redeemable for various rewards, which include (Avios Points for flights between London and New York). However, what’s involved in accumulating these points and what’s required of Executive Club members? Let’s find out.

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To begin, newcomers to the Executive Club begin at the “Blue Membership” level. This is the entry-level tier and is free to join and maintain. From here, newcomers can collect Avios points on their associated accounts and will be free to redeem them on eligible flights. To travel between London and New York, members will be entitled to a free flight when they’ve collected 20,000 Avios Points to fly in Economy class and 60,000 Avios Points for First class. However, unlike other flight clubs, the Executive Club also allows members to redeem points towards discounted flights. This includes 10,000 Avios Points to travel in Economy class for 80.00 GBP.

The Executive Club also grants access to special perks in both London Heathrow and New York’s JFK Airport. At the Gold Membership level, members will be entitled to use the Concorde Room lounges in both airports for 5,000 Avios Points. This is after redeeming 1,500 points at Silver Membership level and having four qualifying flights.

It is by no means a requirement to redeem Avios Points on flights. Members are free to redeem their Points on a variety of rewards from the Executive Club. For example, members are free to book hotels and rental vehicles at their destination using Avios Points. Information related to these bookings is available exclusively to members, so prospective clients must become registered members in order to find out more regarding this special offer.

To make the most out of the Executive Club, new members are advised to travel on qualifying flights within the Premium Plus cabin. Doing so will reward members with a 25% bonus on their Avios Points reward. For those willing to travel in the First class cabin, they’ll be rewarded with a 100% bonus on their Avios Points. These bonuses will increase as members progress through the Executive Club tiers, too. At Silver Membership level, members will receive a 100% bonus on their Avios Points regardless of the cabin they choose to fly in. At Bronze level, the bonus is 25% and will also count towards the cabin bonus. There is no additional bonus for Blue members, but members will automatically be upgraded to Silver after redeeming 300 Avios Points and having two qualifying flights.