BA Holiday packages – British Airways Business Class Holidays

When we think of BA, we think of luxury flying. Be it, Economy, Business or First Class. For long haul trips, many of us will opt for premium economy, business or even first class flights, ensuring we are enjoying our travel from the moment we leave the house.
The word “Holidays” is not something many naturally associate with British Airways. After all, holidays are often best booked via comparison and holiday specialist sites? We found this not to be the case….

Very few travellers buy packages when travelling abroad, least of all from their airline. Typically, airlines have a bad reputation of charging inflated prices for hotel rooms and holiday packages.
With an army of comparison sites, hotel deals and flight offers available, it doesn’t really make sense to book a package any longer, least of all with your airline. Packages are simply not what they used to be, until you decide use the new BA Holiday finder service.
This new service will allow you to not only book your holiday and flight together; yet offer you a discounted price for doing so. The best bit yet, you can often save a fortune when opting to fly Premium, Business or First.

A flight to Barbados Business may set you back several thousand pounds, yet when you book a holiday with BA and include Business class flights, it’s often possible to make a substantial saving.
Granted you have to spend some time flicking through the various packages and deals, it’s a bit like finding a needle in a hay stack, but persevere and you will come across a little gem.
I will explain the best way to use this service.

Head over to

Once you’re here , simply fill out your holiday requirements and you will find below a list of different holidays available on your dates.
You will find listed different holidays (based on star rating) and number of nights etc.

ba holiday finder

From here you will need to click the “show” button and check the Class of Travel listed on the holiday. From here you will have to play around with the dates of departure and different hotel classes, eventually you will find some holidays which include premium or business class flights.

Many of us who are BA members, will choose the BA Premium Economy flights and cross our fingers the plane is full and we get bumped up to Business Class. This has personally worked for me 4 times now (silver member).
Trick is to ensure you book well in advance and pick a busy route. With a little bit of magic and luck, you may just bag yourself a BA Business Class Holiday for the price of a standard package.