Heathrow Terminal 5 Flights

Heathrow Terminal 5 is the new British Airways and Iberia Airways terminal with flights constantly departing to everywhere around the world. There are over 90 exciting destinations to choose from when you fly from Terminal 5. This terminal was only opened in 2008 and has made a big impact on the ease of flights leaving this large airport.

Iberia operates two flights that leave from this terminal, one to Barcelona and the other to Madrid, both in Spain. The majority of flights leaving here are British Airways flights and they cover every inch of the globe. They include national flights within the UK and international flights.


The destinations you can expect to travel to when you leave from Terminal 5 include:


British Airways flights leave to destinations throughout Africa including central, north and South Africa, these include:

• Abuja, Nigeria
• Accra, Ghana
• Algiers, Algeria
• Cape Town, South Africa
• Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania
• Entebbe, Uganda
• Johannesburg, South Africa
• Khartoum, Sudan
• Lagos, Nigeria
• Luanda, Angola
• Lusaka, Zambia

Africa offers natural beauty, picturesque landscapes and an abundance of wildlife parks and adventures.


Flights to Canada include:

• Calgary
• Montreal
• Toronto
• Vancouver

Another popular tourist destination with beautiful scenery and great snow skiing opportunities.


The technological country also enjoys flights from Terminal 5 offered by British Airways, the destinations include:

• Beijing
• Hong Kong
• Shanghai


France is a very popular tourist destination due to its close proximity to the UK. There are loads of great activities, attractions and sights to keep you occupied whether you are travelling for a quick business meeting or for a family vacation.

• Nice
• Paris
• Toulouse


Germany is only a short flight from the UK and is offered from Terminal 5 through British Airways to:

• Berlin
• Dusseldorf
• Frankfurt
• Hamburg
• Munich
• Stuttgart


Regular flights to India include:

• Bangalore
• Chennai
• Delhi
• Hyderabad
• Mumbai

Thousands of visitors flock to this colourful country every year with its fantastic fragrance of spices and delicious cuisine.


Home of the Vatican City and beautiful architecture, flights to Italy are available at Terminal 5.

• Milan
• Pisa
• Rome


Whether you’re looking for a holiday within Britain or are travelling for work, there are flights to all the major destinations in Scotland, including:

• Aberdeen
• Glasgow
• Edinburgh


Flights to Spain include:

• Barcelona
• Madrid

Both British Airways and Iberia Airways offer these flights from Terminal 5.


The country for snow skiing and chocolate has flights that constantly leave from Terminal 5 to easy destination airports throughout the country.

• Basel
• Geneva
• Zurich

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates offers some exquisite architecture, superb sights and luxurious hotels, the flights to this area include:

• Abu Dhabi
• Doha, Qatar
• Dubai
• Kuwait
• Nairobi

United Kingdom

Regular national flights are also offered for commuters and holiday makers.

• Manchester
• Newcastle

United States of America

A very popular tourist destination for many in the UK, the Terminal 5 at Heathrow offers a choice of flights to and from the US.

• Atlanta
• Baltimore
• Boston
• Chicago
• Dallas / Fort Worth
• Denver
• Grand Canyon
• Houston
• Las Vegas
• Los Angeles
• Miami
• New York
• Philadelphia
• Phoenix
• San Diego
• San Francisco
• Seattle
• Washington

Additional Destinations

Over and above the regular destinations offered by British Airways at Terminal 5, there are a number of other flights for you to take advantage of, these include:

• Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Athens, Greece
• Belgrade, Serbia
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Copenhagen, Denmark
• Istanbul, Turkey
• Kiev, Ukraine
• Mauritius
• Mexico City
• Moscow, Russia
• Muscat, Oman
• Nassau, Bahamas
• Oslo, Norway
• Providenciales, Caicos Islands
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Sofia, Bulgaria
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Tel Aviv, Israel
• Tokyo, Japan
• Tripoli, Libya

Useful Information

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport offers ample short and long stay parking facilities, ensuring that you can conveniently reach the terminal to catch your flight.

The check in procedures are quick and simple with plenty of staff manning the check in points to ensure smooth operations. While you wait for your flight to leave you can relax with a cup of coffee or browse the many shops in the terminal that are guaranteed to keep you busy until your flight is ready to board.

There is public transport, taxis and car hires available at the airport and to the airport, making Terminal 5 easy to get to. It’s on the major motorways, which means that it’s easily accessible from anywhere in the UK, which is why this is the main airport for the UK with flights constantly taking off to both national and international destinations.

It’s always a good idea to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, there is a lot of amenities available at the Terminal to keep you busy until your flight boards, so whether you’re planning an exciting holiday adventure or just popping over to Scotland for a meeting, you can enjoy seamless check in procedures and swift boarding routines.

Heathrow is the third busiest airport in the world and the busiest within the UK with British Airways as the main airline, so British Airways moving into the new Terminal 5 building was a simple choice to ensure that the passengers got the most from their experience while making it much easier for such a large airline to operate.

Sixty nine million passengers travelled through Heathrow in 2011 using over ninety airlines and travelling to over one hundred and seventy destinations. This is proof that Terminal 5 was essential to ensure the smooth procedures that are now in place. Terminal 5 main building is an impressive four storeys high with two additional satellite buildings.

Currently Terminal 5 is home to sixty aircraft stands and over one hundred restaurants and shops. The multi storey car park which is easily accessible from the M25 offers parking for 3,800 vehicles at any given time and there is plenty of other available parking at the airport with inner airport transport to get you to the terminal in time.

There are plans to extend the Terminal 5 building to make space for more aircrafts after Iberia Airlines moved into the building recently. The Terminal was originally only for British Airways and with Iberia Airlines the terminal has been claimed as an international terminal.