It doesn’t matter where you live in the UK, there is guaranteed to be a coach available to transport you directly to Heathrow without the worry of parking or the time it takes.

National Express run the coach trips direct to Heathrow, they also operate the Heathrow Hoppa bus. This service is offered from just about any city in the UK direct to the bus station at Heathrow Airport, where you can hop on a free shuttle bus to your desired terminal.

Some of the areas covered by public coach include:

  • Reading
  • Oxford
  • Woking
  • Northampton
  • Cambridge
  • Bristol
  • Bournemouth
  • Birmingham

Remember this is only a few of the collection and drop off destinations. If you want to know if the National Express coach runs from your area, you can contact them on their 24 hour hotline on 0871 7818178.

All the coaches are comfortable and spacious. You will enjoy comfortable seating complete with air conditioning and plenty of leg room. There are also toilet facilities on board for the longer journeys.

Your driver will be happy to assist you with your luggage and store it safely in the luggage storage area of the coach during the journey. You can keep your hand luggage with you at all times for your convenience.

It’s difficult to determine how long a coach trip takes to Heathrow as it obviously depends on where you are travelling from.  All the timetables will clearly state what time the bus leaves and what time it is expected at Heathrow airport. It’s a good idea to leave yourself at least one hour before check in time to ensure you don’t arrive late, should the coach be held up in traffic.

Arriving early at the airport isn’t a big deal, there are so many shops and coffee shops for you to enjoy while you wait for your flight to board.

Pricing depends on where you are travelling from, but some examples include:

  • Bristol £37.00
  • Bournemouth £26.00
  • Birmingham £33.40

These prices are subject to change and exclude a £1.00 handling fee which will be added to your bill. These prices are based on a single person.

When you think of the price you will pay for a single ticket on a comfortable and spacious coach compared to the price you will pay for fuel for your car, wear and tear on your car and parking for however long you are going away for, the coach is a much better option.

The biggest advantage is you will arrive at the airport completely relaxed and not frustrated after a long drive where you have been stuck in traffic for hours or have been driving since dawn.