Getting to Heathrow by Train

 Travelling to Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 is so easy if you choose to travel by train. You will need to use the train service in your area to get you to London. Paddington Station or Reading Station is where you can catch the direct Heathrow Airport trains.

There are regular trains to London from all areas across the UK, some of these railway companies include:

  • C2C Rail Limited with train prices ranging around £14.00 depending which station you leave from.
  • Chiltern Railways with tickets ranging from around £13.50.
  • Docklands Light Railways – prices vary from £4 to £11.00 depending on the station you are travelling from.
  • East Coast Trains cover everywhere from Scotland to North England with tickets varying in price. For example from Edinburgh direct to Paddington Station will cost £120.40.
  • East Midlands Trains covering Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds with tickets varying in price from £29 to £52.
  • First Capital – London, Cambridge and Peterborough to name a few of the destinations offered. Prices range from £4.30 upwards.
  • First Great Western covers the South West area including Plymouth, Bristol and Dartmoor with prices averaging around £48.
  • South West Trains – covers the South West areas with ticket prices around £45 depending on the station you are departing from.
  • South East Trains covers the South East of the UK with ticket prices ranging from £68 upwards.
  • First ScotRail offers trains from Scotland to London with prices starting from £120.00.
  • Virgin Trains operates throughout the UK, ticket prices will depend on where you are departing from whether it’s within the London area or from up north in Penrith.

RailAir is one of the main trains that operate between Reading Station and Heathrow Airport. The train departs every twenty minutes to Terminal 5 and the prices vary between £17 and £25 depending on the type of ticket you purchase. This service covers Feltham, Reading, Woking and Watford Junction stations.

The Heathrow Express is a nonstop train service between Heathrow and Paddington Station. The train runs every fifteen minutes and operates from 5am to midnight, seven days a week. There is plenty of storage space for your luggage and there is Wi-Fi available during the commute.

The Heathrow Connect is a train which runs between Heathrow and Paddington, except it stops along the way. These trains run every thirty minutes with a single ticket only costing around £6.90.

Travelling to Heathrow Terminal 5 by train is one of the easiest transport options when trying to get to the airport without taking a car.  The prices are reasonable even when you are travelling from the north or south of England. When you compare the ticket prices against what it would cost you in petrol and parking, the public trains far outweigh the car.

Bear in mind that many of the railway companies offer discounted rates for tickets purchased in advance which can help you lower your travelling costs even further.