Thousands of people choose to drive their own cars to the airport whether they are travelling for pleasure or business, collecting friends and family or dropping someone off.

Many believe that public transport is an inconvenience or that the travelling distance is too vast to consider using alternative transport options, so they get in their cars and head to the airport, a very long drive for many.

The advantage is that Heathrow Airport is situated in such a way that it is easily accessible from the major motorways whether you are travelling from the south of Devon or the North of the Lake District.

Terminal 5 has its own separate road which is accessible from Junction 14 on the M25 motorway.  If you are coming in on the M4 you will need to take Junction 4b and follow the M25 to Junction 14.

Most people these days have satellite navigation in their cars and the post code for Heathrow is TW6 3XA, luckily it’s not a confusing one as many of the post codes seem to be in the UK, using this post code will bring you right to the terminal and parking areas.

During the drive to Heathrow you can stop at many of the fabulous services along the motorways. For many a drive to the airport may take four or more hours, so regular stops are imperative, a time to stretch your legs, enjoy some refreshments and get reading for the next leg of the journey.

It is very important to take regular breaks when driving to the airport. By the time you arrive you will be exhausted and may still have a long flight ahead of you. One advantage is that once you are on the plane, it’s time to relax and enjoy the flight.

Heathrow is situated fifteen miles west of central London and the time it takes for you to arrive at the airport will depend on where you are travelling from.  Some people who are travelling from the North prefer to use quick national flights over driving options, while others prefer to get there on their own steam.

Every day thousands of people drive to this popular airport, so as you can imagine the roads can get very busy, especially at peak times. It’s always advisable to leave a little earlier. There are a lot of facilities at the airport if you arrive earlier than planned, but rather arrive before schedule, get your luggage checked in and then you can wander around until it’s time to board your plane.