Getting to Heathrow by Taxi

Catching a taxi to Heathrow from London can take all the hassle out of your journey. Whether you flew into London from within the UK or you caught a bus or train into the city centre, the last thing you feel like doing is catching another bus or train to get you to the airport.

A taxi is a completely private, comfortable and relaxed way to travel to Heathrow. The journey from central London can take up to an hour and can cost you anywhere from £45 to £70.

There are taxi companies that operate from Heathrow airport and offer a London collection service. These can be booked online or in advance to ensure that you have your own private taxi for anything from three to eight passengers at your convenience.

Some of these companies offer a set price to Heathrow making it easy to budget and there are no hidden fees. So if you are travelling to Heathrow it’s advisable to spend the night in or near London and catch your taxi to the airport the next day without the fear of delays or missing your flight.

All the taxi drivers that service the Heathrow airport are qualified drivers with full insurance, they know the roads and how long a journey will take, and doing it every day they know the route to take to get you to your departures terminal on time.

When you arrive back at the arrivals terminal and you have claimed your baggage, you can just look out for the taxi signs, make your way to the taxi rank and get a taxi back into London with ease.

The ability to enjoy your own private vehicle with qualified driver makes the journey to Heathrow so enjoyable, unlike sitting on a busy tube or getting on a bus that stops at various stops along the way, while a taxi may be slightly more expensive, it is a direct drive through and the only thing that may cause a slight delay will be the traffic, depending on what time of day you are travelling.