You have a couple of options when travelling to Heathrow from the South of England, you can choose to drive yourself, catch a bus, a train or even catch a national flight from Exeter airport.

By Car

The majority of people choose to take their own cars to the airport, even when going on a holiday as there is always ample secure parking available for both long and short term periods.

When heading to Heathrow from the south it will depend where you are leaving from. If you are leaving from Devon area you will head up the M5 and then join the M4 to London where you will take Junction 4 to Uxbridge and follow the signs for Heathrow Airport.

If you are travelling from the Portsmouth side of the south of England then you will head up the M3 where you will eventually join the M25 to London where you can follow the signs to Heathrow Airport.

The travelling periods will vary depending on the time of day that you are driving up and how busy the roads are; usually it should take about three hours from Plymouth and an hour and a half from Portsmouth.

By Train

Trains operate from all the major stations in the south to the centre of London for your convenience. These trains offer you a chance to sit back and relax and you go through to London without the frustration of driving.

The trains are comfortable and can get you there at a set time. Once you arrive in London you will need to make your way to Paddington Station where you can catch the Heathrow Express or the Heathrow Connect. The other option is to make your way to Victoria Station where you can catch the underground directly to Terminal 5.

By Bus

There are coaches offering services from your destination directly through to London with National Express offering direct routes through to Heathrow Airport. They are affordable, the coaches are comfortable with air conditioning and ample leg room giving you time to relax before arriving at the airport.

The coach from Bristol for example will only cost £26.00, much cheaper than taking your car and paying for parking while you are on holiday.

National Flights

Hopping on a national flight is a great advantage for many people in the south who don’t want to drive to the main airports. There are flights from airports all over the south with Exeter being the most popular with direct flights to Heathrow for your convenience.