The Heathrow Hoppa Bus is a convenient way to travel between the Heathrow terminals or from one of the many Heathrow hotels to your terminal.These buses are convenient and comfortable with loads of storage space for all your luggage. They run between terminal buildings which means if you got off the tube at the wrong terminal by mistake, you can easily get to the next one on one of these buses which run every few minutes.

Transfers to the nearby hotels cost £4.00 per adult and children under fifteen travel for free. You can enjoy free transfers for two children per one full paying adult. For return tickets you can buy them at the same time for £8, which ensures you transfer back to the hotel or back to the terminal is sorted.

When arriving at Terminal 5 you will notice the two bus stops outside the arrivals hall, bus stop 26 and 27 are for the Hoppa Buses, wait there and one will be along shortly.

There are various bus stops outside Terminal 5; each one is clearly marked for your convenience with stand 16 offering transfers to Gatwick Airport, should you need to change from one airport to another.

Tickets can be purchased at the arrivals hall at Terminal 5 from the British Hotel Reservation Centre on the day or you can book your ticket in advance online. The price is a set price whether you buy your ticket online or on the day.

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to travel from your hotel at Heathrow airport to the terminals, then the Hoppa Bus run by National Express is the way to go, you don’t get any cheaper than this with a helpful driver and attentive floor staff.